Trans-media, trans-platform.

Vobile mSync is on OPEN API, compatible for iOS and Android platforms with all four screens: smartphone, tablet, PC, and Smart TV. Vobile mSync can be utilized for audio only, video only, image only, and any combination of audio/video/image, enabling you to augment the exact user experience you want to create. See some examples in action >

Versatile workflow.

Vobile mSync has been independently verified as the best content identification technology on the market (Frost & Sullivan, Movie Labs) and is widely recognized as the preferred solution for audio and video recognition. And we don’t just stop at identification: post-identification, the Vobile mSync technology opens up a rich spectrum of meta-data that enables endless application scenarios.

Infinitely scalable.

Vobile mSync’s content identification technology has been commercially deployed since 2005 by dozens of the world’s largest content companies. The architecture is infinitely scalable, with identification datacenters currently processing millions of videos per day. Each hour, Vobile mSync identifies and tags thousands of hours worth of audiovisual content. Use Vobile mSync to create the next big app.

Join the Developer Community.

Take Vobile mSync for a test spin and see for yourself the amazing possibilities. We provide an API portal, documentation, support, and tiered service to help you get off the ground.

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